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ozs: 71324
Source: tsg:157,158, nzr:98

shipwreck: steamer Sovereign
Master:Henry Cape
Origin:Brisbane1847 Mar 3
Destination:Amity Point1847 Mar 4


bound forSydneytsg:158
1847 Mar 17backgroundInitial report of shipwreckPeter Larson
1847 Mar 29backgroundAttachment A: Statement from builders and carpenters on the soundness of the vesselPeter Larson
1847 Apr 1backgroundAttachment C: Statement from company engineer on unimpeded access given when repairs were carried outPeter Larson
1847 Apr 1backgroundAttachment E: Statement of shipwreck from John McCallum, firemanPeter Larson
1847 Apr 1backgroundAttachment B: Statement from engineer on the soundness of the boilersPeter Larson
1847 Apr 1backgroundAttachment D: Statement from Captain Cape on the cargo and the total weight of the vessel on the tripPeter Larson
1847 Apr 2backgroundLetter from James Patterson, Secretary of the Hunter River Steam Navigation Company to correct rumours in circulationPeter Larson
1847 Apr 3backgroundCaptain's letter describing the shipwreck, letter from passengersPeter Larson
1847 Apr 6backgroundLetter from company secretary in response to Captain Cape's letterPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment E: Statement of shipwreck from John McCallum, fireman (duplicate)Peter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment G: Statement of shipwreck from John Clements, seamanPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment F: Statement of shipwreck from John Scard, coal firemanPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment B: Captain Cape's statement that was not originally publishedPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment K: Statement of shipwreck from Lawrence Flynn, forecabin passengerPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment I: Statement of shipwreck from John Neil, forecabin passengerPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundLetter from captain disputing statement by John McCallumPeter Larson
1847 Apr 10backgroundAttachment H: Statement of shipwreck from James McGofran, ship's boyPeter Larson
1847 Apr 17backgroundReport on the recovery of wool washed on on shorePeter Larson
1847 Jul 10backgroundDetails about relief fund for the victimsPeter Larson

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
GoreRobert, Mrdovtsg:158, nzr:98
GoreMrsand 2 children, servant girl [all dov]tsg:157,158, nzr:98
DennisHenry, Mrdovtsg:157,158, nzr:98
ElliotW, Mrdovtsg:157,158, nzr:98
BerkeleyE, Mrdovtsg:157,158, nzr:98
JoynerMrdovtsg:157,158, nzr:98
StubbsRichard, Mrcabintsg:157,158, nzr:98
ScardJohncrewtsg:158, nzr:98
BishopMrsdov, steeragetsg:157,158, nzr:98
ChettleMrsdov, steerage, nzr:98 lists as Cheetletsg:158, nzr:98
HigginsJohndov, steeragetsg:158, nzr:98
RobertsonJohn, Mrdovtsg:158, nzr:98
SmithIsaac, Mrdovtsg:158, nzr:98
AndersonJamesdov [servant to Mr Gore]tsg:158, nzr:98
MerryJamesdov [worked for Mr C Mackenzie]tsg:158, nzr:98
McKellarFrederickdov [worked for Mr C Mackenzie]tsg:158, nzr:98
Joedov, one armed man [worked for Mr Leslie]tsg:158, nzr:98
3 past employees of Mr Leslie &4 unnameddovtsg:158, nzr:98
RyanJamesdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
GriffithsMary Anndovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
MooneyMichaeldovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
NeilHenrydovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
WoodHenrydovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
GibsonMrdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
BrownMrdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
SommervilleMrdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
RobinsonMrdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
SmithGeorgedovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
JonesIsaacdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
MackenzieRobertdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
CumberlandHenrydovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
MillerJohndovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
Robertdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
BlairGeorgedov, John in nzr:98crewtsg:158, nzr:98
HorsmannWilliamdovcrewtsg:158, nzr:98
McQuadeJohnFC cabintsg:158, nzr:98
NeilJohnFC cabintsg:158, nzr:98
FlynnLawrenceFC cabintsg:158, nzr:98
McCallumJohncrewtsg:158, nzr:98
ClementsJohncrewtsg:158, nzr:98
HarveyThomascrewtsg:158, nzr:98
McGovernJamescrewtsg:158, nzr:98
Bremmysteerage - (shearer) drownednzr:98

ozs: 71329
Source: tsg:162

departure: steamer Cornubia
Origin:Sydney1847 Apr 19
Destination:the coast


1847 Apr 19backgroundSailed to attempt to recover the schooner Ann MaryPeter Larson
1847 Apr 20arrivalSydneytsg:356
1847 Apr 24backgroundRecovery of the Ann MaryPeter Larson
1847 Apr 24departureSydneytsg:356

ozs: 71331
Source: tsg:163

arrival: HMS ship Calliope
Master: Stanley
Destination:Wellington1847 Apr 11


1847 Apr 11backgroundDetails of an accident off WanganuiPeter Larson
1847 May 8backgroundDetails of salvage costs for the Ann MaryPeter Larson

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
StrangR, Esqtsg:356
officers of the Supreme Courttsg:356

ozs: 71336
Source: tsg:164

report: ship Columbia
Origin:Atlantic1847 Jan 18


1847 Jan 18backgroundLoss of many of the crew in a stormPeter Larson

ozs: 71340
Source: tsg:166

report: steamer Juno
Destination:Twofold Bay1847 May 22


weight, builders621tsg:166
power260 hptsg:356
1847 May 22backgroundReport on steam trials with new boilersPeter Larson

ozs: 71343
Source: tsg:168, nzr:114

arrival: barque Janet
Master: Dring
Destination:Tahiti1847 Apr


1847 Apr backgroundReport of bad treatment of Lascar crewPeter Larson

ozs: 71344
Source: tsg:168

report: brig Freak
240 tons
Master:T B Simpson
Destination:the Clarence1847 May 18


draught6' 6"tsg:168
ownerMessrs Simpson (principal owner) and Smalltsg:168
builderMessrs William and Edward Chownes, Clarence Rivertsg:168
1847 May 18backgroundDetails about the launchPeter Larson

ozs: 71353
Source: tsg:173, nzr:116

shipwreck: barque Brechin Castle
371 tons
Master:J R Baxter
Origin:Adelaide1846 Oct 25
Destination:Swansea1847 Feb 21


cargo177 bales of wool, 9 bags & 5 qts of wheat, 1 box paper writings, 1 box drawings, 510 tons coppernzr:116
bound forLondonnzr:116
1847 Feb 20backgroundalternate date for shipwrecknzr:116
1847 Feb 21backgroundDetails of the shipwreckPeter Larson

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
WinterbothamMrand Mrs & child all perishednzr:116
FairbourneMrand Mrs and child all perishednzr:116

ozs: 71355
Source: ao:358,2654, grk

arrival: ship James Moran
600 tons
Master:Daniel Ferguson
Origin:Loch Inver1838 Oct 21
Destination:Sydney1839 Feb 11


primary sourceAO 4/4780 p220 [2654]
primary sourceAO 4/4844 [1303]
1838 Dec 26backgroundReport from the "Captains of Messes" about the good condition on board shipJan Morrison
1839 Jan 3viaCape of Good Hopeao:358, 2654
1839 Feb 11backgroundSurgeon's reportJan Morrison

Passenger list

SurnameOther namesNotes Source
MacneeJames W, Drcrewao:358, 2654

ozs: 71361

historical information: #General background


backgroundChronology for the year 1847: reviewtsg:199
1788 backgroundThe First FleetPeter Larson
1801 biography, passengerShelley, WilliamRobin Hyland
1828 backgroundAbandonment of colonies at Raffles Bay and Melville Island, 1828-9Peter Larson
1831 backgroundWarning to Captain Ross and Mr Lake that they did not have the protection of the British GovernmentPeter Larson
1845 backgroundConstruction of lighthouse on Raine's IslandPeter Larson
1845 backgroundExploration of Flinders IslandPeter Larson
1845 ImageHewes, William: Certificate of IndentureJohn Huntley
1845 Jan 29backgroundDiscovery of Osprey Reef, Torres StraitsPeter Larson
1847 Oct 9backgroundColonial craft launched between January 1st and October 9th, 1847Peter Larson
1847 Dec 17backgroundDetails about Wide Bay, reported by Lt YuleStephanie Cameron
1847 Dec 27backgroundFailure of the US shipbuilders to build a successfull steamshipPeter Larson
1848 biography, crewSeaver, LtPeter Larson
1848 biography, passengerHarrison, PurserPeter Larson
1848 Jan 1backgroundPapietee Harbour: backgroundPeter Larson
1848 Jan 5backgroundInvention of the condensor for steam enginesPeter Larson
1848 Feb backgroundDeath of Rear Admiral InglefieldPeter Larson
1848 Feb 5backgroundSpanish expedition against piratesPeter Larson
1848 Feb 10backgroundPitcairn Island: backgroundPeter Larson
1848 Mar backgroundAdmiralty orders the construction of the paddle steamers Resolute and Barracouta and the screw steamer BriskPeter Larson
1848 Mar 9backgroundPitcairn Island: background informationtsg:271
1848 Apr 19backgroundTraining exercise of Sir Charles Napier's squadronPeter Larson
1848 Apr 23backgroundVessels windbound near Gibraltar BayPeter Larson
1848 Apr 28backgroundAttack on Nicaragua to rescue captured EnglishmenPeter Larson
1848 May 20backgroundAdmiralty order that naval seamen may take tea in lieu of alcoholPeter Larson
1848 May 20backgroundExpected establishment of a naval station at SydneyPeter Larson
1848 May 22backgroundLoss of seventeen American whalers in a typhoon off the coast of ChinaPeter Larson
1848 May 28backgroundRoyal Navy: Navy estimates, comparison from 1828 to 1848Peter Larson
1848 Jun 3backgroundTable of rates for shipping using Sydney harbourPeter Larson
1848 Jun 8backgroundConditions required to build or extend wharvesPeter Larson
1848 Jun 17backgroundVessels built and registered in NSW and Victoria, 1838 to 1847Peter Larson
1848 Jun 17backgroundSummary of shipping inwards and outwards for NSW and Victoria, 1838 to 1847Peter Larson
1848 Jun 17backgroundOnly one steam line showing success on the trans-Atlantic runPeter Larson
1848 Jun 17backgroundStrength of the Dutch NavyPeter Larson
1848 Jun 21backgroundApplication to build a new wharf in Port JacksonPeter Larson
1848 Jul backgroundLaunch of the Mars, line of battle shipPeter Larson
1848 Jul 17backgroundSir Napier's squadron sails on an exersize from PlymouthPeter Larson
1848 Jul 22backgroundNumber of floggings on Royal Navy ships for 1847Peter Larson
1848 Aug 14backgroundDeath of Captain MarryatPeter Larson
1848 Aug 22backgroundPrinces Channel: placement of two floating lightsPeter Larson
1848 Sep backgroundDavis Straits Cod FisheryPeter Larson
1848 Sep 1backgroundThe lights of Bass StraitsPeter Larson
1848 Sep 2backgroundRecent gales in southern AustraliaPeter Larson
1848 Sep 7backgroundCape Otway LighthousePeter Larson
1848 Sep 9backgroundProposal to build Cockatoo Island Dry DockPeter Larson
1848 Sep 9backgroundUse of shredded cork in pilows and matresses as life preserversPeter Larson
1848 Sep 9backgroundSpring Bay as a harbourPeter Larson
1848 Sep 9backgroundState of the Danish NavyPeter Larson
1848 Sep 11backgroundThe Slave Trade, British BlockadePeter Larson
1848 Sep 16backgroundHunter River Company SteamersPeter Larson
1848 Sep 16backgroundThe Island of St PaulPeter Larson
1848 Sep 16backgroundNavigation LawsPeter Larson
1848 Sep 21backgroundCall for tenders for steam between Sydney and SingaporePeter Larson
1848 Sep 23backgroundDetails of the armamanents of new British naval vesselsPeter Larson
1848 Sep 25backgroundGlasgow: automatic weather station installedPeter Larson
1848 Oct backgroundThe Islae of PinesPeter Larson
1848 Oct 5backgroundSteam Navigation with AustraliaPeter Larson
1848 Oct 14backgroundThe Arctic expeditionPeter Larson
1848 Oct 18backgroundStrachnan's Warehouse, Geelong declared a free warehousing premisesPeter Larson
1848 Oct 19backgroundWater spouts: in Bristol ChannelPeter Larson
1848 Oct 20backgroundReport on steam to AdelaidePeter Larson
1848 Oct 21backgroundExperimental Squadron; Sir Charles NapierPeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundSummary of changes to the Navigation LawsPeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundLighthouse on Cape OtwayPeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundInstructions for Arctic ExpeditionPeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundApproval for the construction of a dry dockPeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundTrafalgar: anniversary of the battlePeter Larson
1848 Oct 28backgroundProposed steamers from the Cape to AustraliaPeter Larson
1848 Nov 4backgroundLights for steamers to prevent collisionPeter Larson
1848 Nov 9backgroundPiracy: attacks in the MediterraneanPeter Larson
1848 Nov 11backgroundStatus of the Mediterranean FleetPeter Larson
1848 Nov 18backgroundNew Signal at Fort Phillip Signal StationPeter Larson
1848 Nov 23backgroundDiscovery of a new whaling groundPeter Larson
1848 Dec 2backgroundSteamships: improved propeller designPeter Larson
1848 Dec 2backgroundAstronomy: the nebuleaPeter Larson
1848 Dec 5backgroundP&O: Expected to lose Singapore to Sydney mail contractPeter Larson
1848 Dec 6backgroundSteamers: Liability as Common CarriersPeter Larson
1848 Dec 12backgroundMail contracts Southampton to Sydney via Alexandia and SingaporePeter Larson
1848 Dec 15backgroundCape Agulhas: Details for navigation using the lighthousePeter Larson
1848 Dec 16backgroundLegislation planned for South Australian CustomsPeter Larson
1848 Dec 30backgroundBreakwater quarriesPeter Larson
1848 Dec 30backgroundSteam ships as men-of-warPeter Larson
1848 Dec 30backgroundSignal lights for steam ships; a captain's complaintPeter Larson
1848 Dec 30backgroundAmended regulations for lights on steam vesselsPeter Larson
1849 historyDeath of Vice Admiral Charles Bayne Hudson RossPeter Larson
1849 Jan 20backgroundReview of the navigation lawsPeter Larson
1849 Feb 3backgroundSan Francisco harbourtsg:285
1849 Feb 16backgroundPanama Canal: Plans for different pathsPeter Larson
1849 Feb 17backgroundRoyal Navy, number of men from 1762 to 1848Peter Larson
1849 Feb 17backgroundRoyal Navy, promotions and men from 1840 to 1848Peter Larson
1849 Feb 17backgroundEstablishment of a new whaling companyPeter Larson
1849 Mar backgroundSydney Customs: seizue of goodsPeter Larson
1849 Mar backgroundCustoms: Adelaide Customs chief clerk assaults newspaper reporterPeter Larson
1849 Mar backgroundCustoms: Adelaide Customs in disorganised statePeter Larson
1849 Mar 3backgroundNaval disipline: Comparison between France and BritainPeter Larson
1849 Mar 3backgroundLoyalty IslandsPeter Larson
1849 Mar 3backgroundCosts for construction of naval vesselsPeter Larson
1849 Mar 3backgroundArctic ExpeditionPeter Larson
1849 Mar 3backgroundSteam navigation: improvements to the machineryPeter Larson
1849 Mar 6historyTendering for steam navigation to AustraliaPeter Larson
1849 Mar 9backgroundAppointment of Harbour-Master of the port of LondonPeter Larson
1849 Mar 16backgroundWide Bay: details about harbourPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17backgroundSteam to NSWPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17backgroundHobart Town: list of vessels registeredPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17backgroundRoyal Navy: strength of the fleetPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17backgroundHobart Town: summary of arrivals and departuresPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17backgroundHobart Town: imports and exportsPeter Larson
1849 Mar 17historySearle, Rear AdmiralPeter Larson
1849 Mar 21backgroundHarbour master: court case about liability for his actionsPeter Larson
1849 Mar 23historyThe Arctic ExpeditionPeter Larson
1849 Mar 24backgroundSteam navigation: Singapore to Sydney mail contractPeter Larson
1849 Mar 24backgroundCustoms Laws: notice of reporting requirements for mastersPeter Larson
1849 Mar 31backgroundCustoms: Notice on proper reportingPeter Larson
1849 Mar 31backgroundKangaroo Island: uncharted reefs around islandPeter Larson
1849 Apr 21backgroundCustoms, Moreton Bay: warnings on declarationsPeter Larson
1849 Apr 21backgroundMail contract: P&O counter offer to the contractPeter Larson
1849 Apr 27historyPlacing of a blue light on the pier extensions at Dovertsg:303
1849 Apr 28backgroundHarbour master: court case about liability for his actions, continuedPeter Larson
1849 May 5backgroundMail contract: Sydney to SingaporePeter Larson
1849 May 5backgroundSydney: Harbour: dredgingPeter Larson
1849 May 16backgroundLighthouse: Shortlands BluffPeter Larson
1849 May 23backgroundCarbon Rock: DiscoveryPeter Larson
1849 May 26backgroundMail steamers: Sydney to SingaporePeter Larson
1849 May 26backgroundTuggerah Lake: shoalPeter Larson
1849 May 31historyP&O: Steam navigation to Australiatsg:289
1849 Jun 10backgroundSteam Communication to Australiatsg:292
1849 Jun 16backgroundMail Contract: Southampton to Alexandria, P&OPeter Larson
1849 Jun 16backgroundNavigation Laws: Poitical discussionPeter Larson
1849 Jun 16backgroundWhaling: ArcticPeter Larson
1849 Jun 16backgroundUnion Jack: HistoryPeter Larson
1849 Jun 28backgroundSteam communication to Australiatsg:297
1849 Jul 27historyNewcastle: shipping movements 1846-1848tsg:284
1849 Aug historySan Francisco: summary of arrivals for the first week of Augusttsg:294
1849 Aug 9backgroundRumours of vessels losttsg:283
1849 Aug 11backgroundHistory of the anchortsg:282
1849 Aug 11backgroundUS Consul advising San Francisco not a port of entry and duties expected to be introducedtsg:282
1849 Aug 11backgroundPlanned enforcement of US laws in new Californian territorytsg:282
1849 Aug 11backgroundCommander C Codrington Forsythtsg:282
1849 Aug 11historyReport on the Newcastle breakwatertsg:284
1849 Aug 17historyGale in Port Fairy, the vessels Cito of Sydney, Eagle, Cecilia and Clarence parting their chainstsg:285
1849 Sep 1historySteam line between Singapore and Sydneytsg:285
1849 Sep 4historyCockatoo Island: Report on proposed dry docktsg:289
1849 Sep 10historySteam navigation on the Thamestsg:286
1849 Sep 10historySydney: appointment of a Pilot Boardtsg:286
1849 Sep 10historySydney: early steam packetstsg:286
1849 Sep 10historySydney: Ships registeredtsg:286
1849 Sep 11historyMoreton Bay: shipping Returns, 1847-1848tsg:290
1849 Oct 5historyLighthouses in Bass Straitstsg:292
1849 Nov 3historyMerchant steamers as auxiliary naval vesselstsg:294
1849 Nov 10backgroundMercantile steamerstsg:295
1849 Nov 10backgroundHunter River Steam Navigation Co. steamerstsg:295
1849 Nov 23backgroundHovenden: sale of his vessel the Lord Hobarttsg:297
1849 Dec 1backgroundArrival of a new schoonertsg:298
1850 Jan 5backgroundPort Stephenstsg:303
1850 Jan 5historyNavigation Acttsg:303
1850 Jan 5historyPassneger lists to be publicly viewabletsg:303
1852 Apr 23backgroundLetter about the late Benjamin BoydJan Morrison
1852 Oct 5backgroundDeath of Rear Admiral Austen; East Indies, replacement by Commadore LambertJan Morrison
1852 Dec 9backgroundDistance the mail travels between ports for P&O SteamersJan Morrison
1852 Dec 9backgroundRisk of using patent fuel as ballastJan Morrison
1852 Dec 9backgroundDetails of immigration for the year 1851Jan Morrison
1852 Dec 18backgroundIncreasing rates of desertion by crewsJan Morrison
1852 Dec 22backgroundIncreasing popularity of screw over paddle steamersJan Morrison
1852 Dec 25backgroundSteamships to Australia via PanamaJan Morrison
1852 Dec 31backgroundArrivals in Port Phillip (?) December 1852, January 1853Jan Morrison
1853 Jan 1backgroundProblems with patent fuel being used as ballastJan Morrison
1853 Jan 15backgroundEmigration from LiverpoolJan Morrison
1853 Jan 20backgroundCaptains reminded they must insert passenger names in the masters listJan Morrison
1853 Jan 22backgroundSelect Committee on Immigration; German ImmigrationJan Morrison
1853 Jan 27backgroundBackground to steam navigation and policy of steamers as men-of-war when requiredJan Morrison
1853 Feb 1backgroundAid required for some emigrants on arrival due to illnessJan Morrison
1853 Feb 2backgroundLosses of British shipping between 1846 and 1850 inclusiveJan Morrison
1853 Feb 2backgroundBrief note on interest in immigration from the HighlandsJan Morrison
1853 Feb 4backgroundVessel being built for the Murray River tradeJan Morrison
1853 Feb 9backgroundSummary of passenger numbers arriving at MelbourneJan Morrison
1854 Oct 16backgroundLosses of American shipping at sea for the 18 months prior to September 1853Peter Larson
1854 Oct 23backgroundPatents for the first jet boat propulsion systemPeter Larson
1860 ImageRose, Hugh: Certificate of ServiceKen Munro
1900 Jan 1backgroundMost notable crossing of the International Date LinePeter Larson
1908 biography, passengerHansen, ChristenPeter Larson
1909 ImageHMTS DongolaWayne Collum
1912 ImageHayes, James Callendar, Captain:Certificate of DischargeJohn Hayes
1965 backgroundShipwrecks off Bellambi ReefNeville Arrowsmith

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